Meet Miles Partnership

Miles lives, eats and breathes travel – it’s all they do. Their clients range from individual hotels and resorts to city, state, regional and international destinations. With this single focus, Miles has the experience and expertise to drive brands beyond expectations. Not only do they know what works, but they know what doesn’t, and they are constantly cross-leveraging successful strategies to better enhance individual clients’ marketing results.

In addition to representing international clients like Tourism New Zealand and Bermuda Tourism Authority, national organizations like Brand USA and Travel South, here is just a sample of Miles’ client list over the years for state tourism offices and DMOs.

State Tourism Offices:

• Colorado Tourism Office
• Delaware Tourism Office 
• Georgia State Parks & Natural Resources • Hawaii Tourism Authority 
• Maryland Office of Tourism 
• New Jersey Division of Travel & Tourism • Ohio Division of Travel and Tourism 
 • West Virginia Division of Tourism 
• Wyoming Office of Tourism

Destination Marketing Organizations:

• Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau 
• Baltimore Convention & Visitors Bureau 
• Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau 
• Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance
 • Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority 
• Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board 
• New Orleans Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau • Richmond Convention & Visitors Bureau 
• San Diego Tourism Authority 
• San Francisco Travel Association

Tourism Stakeholder Interview Executive Summary

Business Requirements:

  • Easier ease of use for the department staff.
  • Support the business needs of the tourism industry.
  • Host databases (trails, press releases, calendar of events, ALD) on both and

Problem Statements and Assumptions:

  • Navigation is too complicated and content is buried on the site making it hard to find information.
  • It is too hard/tedious to enter events, and there are redundancies with editing information.
  • A lot of content is out of date or irrelevant and needs to updated or removed.
  • Improve web versions of printed materials (i.e. Travel Guide, Living in Arkansas).
  • Enhance business pages by adding images, brief information, and creating filter and search options.

Success Metrics:

  • Referrals to attractions, listing and dining sites
  • Conversions:
    • Visitor Guide Downloads
    • Newsletter Signups
  • Traffic to Deals and Coupons page
  • Site Performance:
    • New versus Returning
    • Time on Site
  • Blog – most/least popular posts