The Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism, along with its marketing partners, has historically presented the Spring/Summer marketing communications plan for the coming year at the Annual Arkansas Hospitality Vendor Showcase & Convention in September. The presentation was in the Wally Allen Ballroom at the State House Convention Center the morning of September 21.

State of the State:Opening

Presenters: Kane Webb, Jim Dailey, Grady Span, Darin Gray and Jay Salyers

Change can be scary. 

It’s the unknown. It disrupts. It can jerk us out of our routines, invade our comfort zones, and force us to reconsider our most cherished assumptions.

And, yet, what is more inevitable in life than change?

State of the State: FY18 Marketing Program Details

Moderator: Kane Webb      
Panelists: Heather Huckeba, Wade McCune, Brian Kratkiewicz and Jennifer Morgan

Highlights of the panel discussion:

  • Learn about the new Arkansas Tourism Economic Impact Study.
  • See how “Owning the Cool” will continue with our creative campaign messaging supported with local Arkansas musicians.
  • Digital media continues to evolve as a major component of our media strategy, yet new technologies will push bleeding-edge media channels.
  • Get a quick overview of the 2018 Cooperative Marketing programs – publications, print advertising, broadcast advertising and digital retargeting.

State of the State: Joe David Rice Farewell

Presenters: Shelby Woods and Joe David Rice